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Poor Br. Davd’s Salmon Soup

If Salmon’s Expensive, Use This Technique. If it’s Cheap, in this century, be pleasantly surprised! (c) 2015, Davd Salmon (to repeat) is wonderful food. Given its great merits, particularly as to protein and fatty acids, as the previous post detailed, … Continue reading

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The Fall Salmon Runs:

…a Bachelor Cooking SubSeries: (c) 2015, Davd ’round about the time the frost gets the Atlantic and Prairie tomato and cucumber plants, or shortly before, the most important wild harvest in Canadian waters, begins. Five species of Pacific salmon, the … Continue reading

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The Apex Fallacy

The Apex Fallacy: ..Sketching and Understanding the Distortion (c) 2015, Davd Here’s an exercise to help us understand how Feminists (some of them male!) can seriously believe men are privileged when we plainly are disadvantaged, why so many girls (and … Continue reading

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