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Bureaucracy as an Ill Effect of Job Employment:

Double Burdens, Social Inefficiency, and … 2014, Davd The obvious benefit a man gets from his “job”, is money. Many men would work if not paid, but few of us would work in the “job pattern”, if not paid. It … Continue reading

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Moncton, Mayerthorpe, madness, and misandry:

How Not to Advance Your Cause—and a Better Alternative: (c) 2014, Davd The 70th Anniversary of D-Day was pushed out of first place in the Atlantic CBC news by a multiple murder—all of whose victims were police. For a whole … Continue reading

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To Honour Good Stepfathers:

… and Grandfathers, Uncles, and Scoutmasters, Mentors strong i’ th’ arm* (c) 2014, Davd This is no slur on my own father, whose name i share. He was not perfect, but i remember him fondly despite his faults. He stayed … Continue reading

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Dandelion Wine:

It’s About That Time: (c) 2014, Davd I’ve delayed a couple other blogs because the dandelions are in bloom—and this recipe is useless the rest of the year. This is a more difficult technique than the other Bachelor Cooking posts, … Continue reading

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