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Some Confusing Worldly Nonsense:

… and Some Friendly Words for Muslims (and Jews): (c) 2014, Davd I have no sympathy for the vicious violence of the “Islamic State”* toward non-Muslims and sometimes toward non-Sunni Muslims. I hoped for a while that the worldwide leadership … Continue reading

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Privilege Freely Given:

..The Only Legitimate Kind? (c) 2014, Davd There is an ugly—not very ugly, but unwelcome—pair of tire tracks through the edge of my prayer garden, past the \_ shaped herb bed to the front of the porch where it meets … Continue reading

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Harvest Tomato Sauce for Pasta:

..So your tomato plants gave you a good crop and you hate to waste any? … and what’s worse, the frost is about to kill your basil? (c) 2014, Davd Winter’s coming, soon (unless you’re reading this from the tropics, … Continue reading

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