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Canadian Winter Stir-Fry

… Not Nearly as Expensive: (c) 2016, Davd Day-to-day cooking should not need expensive ingredients. A good cook should be able to make the good, staple foods taste delicious—not exquisite, maybe, but delicious. As seasons go ’round and prices change … Continue reading

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Tolerating two “Foul-Mouthed” Women

… as seen on the Edmonton bus system: (c) 2016, Davd On the way to church one recent morning, the bus was at least half full. Edmonton City Transit was making expenses, i’d say, maybe doing better than that, on … Continue reading

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New Year’s Resolutions

… some Review Principles for 2016: (c) 2016, Davd Because i had to re-install my Linux operating system New Year’s Eve, this post not only won’t get up that day; by the time it is published, it will be January … Continue reading

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