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Beans, .. Beans, .. Beans, .. Beans…

… this time, Black and Pinto … (c) 2014, Davd Home made pea soup can be a welcome part of your regular diet; but if that’s the only pea-family protein food you cook, it’s likely to get monotonous, eating pea … Continue reading

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Pea Soup from Scratch:

Beans, .. Beans, .. Beans, .. Beans… Chickpeas, .. Lentils, .. SplitPeas, … Frugal, Staple, Healthy Food… (c) 2014, Davd Perhaps you know that marching song: “They’re good for your heart The more you eat, the more you [ahem .. … Continue reading

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Making Filter Coffee:

… “on the cheap” but still good. (c) 2014, Davd New Year’s Day reminds me of coffee. I don’t think i drink more of it than on other days; methinks it’s because i’ve noticed many other people taking coffee that … Continue reading

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