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Vignettes of Female Volatility and Violence:

.. We men have a fair claim to be the Gentler Sex: (c) 2014, Davd When people talk about fury and violence, an expression often used is “stirring up a hornets’ nest.” How many of the people who say that, … Continue reading

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Blender Mayonnaise:

Better than the Jars, Versatile if Spring ever comes: (c) 2014, Davd As i began to write this “technique description”, on the first day of spring, there was a Heavy Snowfall Warning in effect, and indeed, more snow falling on … Continue reading

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Feminist International Declares Victory:

Boys and Men Now Need Special Help to Catch Up Richard Cox, reporting The Feminist International, a body whose membership is a secret as closely guarded as the memberships of the KGB, Mossad, Bohemian Grove, and the 1965 Nielsen ratings … Continue reading

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