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This One’s for the Birds

… specifically, for the Swallows—Indicators of Ecological [un]Health and the Need for Men’s Work: (draft) 2015, Davd On the second full day of calendar Spring, with snow falling and 4-6 inches of the stuff predicted before the storm has moved … Continue reading

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They Really Don’t Know?

…Or Are They Going to Give Some Back? Women’s Day Paraders Call for Equality: (c) 2015, Davd Sunday was International Women’s Day again, and CBC Radio News reported that women in the big parade in New York City are demanding … Continue reading

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..The name may be silly; the tea is delicious: (c) 2015, Davd I like iced tea with citrus and some sugar; and it turns out i like hot tea with the same. What i don’t like in the way of … Continue reading

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