They Really Don’t Know?

…Or Are They Going to Give Some Back?
Women’s Day Paraders Call for Equality:

(c) 2015, Davd

Sunday was International Women’s Day again, and CBC Radio News reported that women in the big parade in New York City are demanding equality. Magnanimous of them, if they know what they are saying.

To reach equality in university attendance, they’ll have to make room for more boys [or young men if you prefer to say it that way].

To reach equality in the lower grades of school, they’ll have to adapt the teaching techniques more toward boys’ ways of learning. Sit still and do what you’re told—the standard classroom teaching style—is more amenable to the girls than to the boys. Pinker (2008) wrote,
“Teachers have incorporated a norm for classroom behavior that reflects the behavior of normal girls. As a result, boys who are rambunctious—although still within the normal range for the behavior of boys—may be perceived as having a behavior problem and referred for further evaluation.” [p. 44, quoting one Sally Shaywitz]

To reach equality in child custody, fathers should receive custody 5-10 times as often as they do now. The best way to achieve that, would be for parents to stay married. Which in turn, would entail a lot less adultery, less promiscuity, less STD spread… I’m definitely in favour of that!

“Equal pay” is more complicated. Men on average, are willing to work longer hours and to accept working conditions that are hard on the rest of their lives. For this, they are understandably paid more. Women tend to choose less-highly paid, less “greedy” jobs—choose them. (Pinker, pp. 70-71, 92-97) The best evidence i have lately found, states that for equal work in quality and quantity, women are paid as well, or sometimes a little better. I sympathize with women who prefer overall life quality to stressful “greedy” jobs; i’ve been there, as a single father.

Nathanson and Young (2006) have made an immense compilation of men’s legal and bureaucratic disadvantages in Canada and the USA. I’ve included some of their findings in my review, earlier this year. The whole book is well worth reading if you have the time. Inequality of citizenship favours women already.

Equality of the sexes—let’s do! Boys and fathers especially will benefit—and because they will, so will society at large.


Nathanson, Paul, and Katherine K. Young, 2006. Legalizing Misandry: From Public Shame to Systemic Discrimination against Men Montreal: McGill-Queen’s University Press.

Pinker, Susan, 2008. The Sexual Paradox: Extreme Men, Gifted Women and the Real Gender Gap. [no city listed in flyleaf] Random House of Canada; New York: Simon and Schuster.


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