How to avoid Getting Screwed

How to avoid "Getting Screwed"

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Review by Robert S. Vibert

The book “How to Avoid ‘Getting Screwed’ When Getting Laid – A 21st Century Survival Guide for the Modern Male” is a unique book, and one that has been needed for quite some time.

Written by someone with nearly 20 years of very intimate experience of the American legal system as a prosecutor, defense lawyer, pro tem judge and family law attorney, this book reveals much of the ugly underbelly of modern predatory practices by those often presumed innocent by judges and the public alike, women.

Unlike a lot of books which deal with modern relationships and tend to fall into either the camp of condoning irrational or immoral behaviour by women by way of various excuses or the opposite camp of hurt men who speak from a desire for revenge or justice, this book takes the factual approach. RK Hendrick draws upon his extensive first hand knowledge to spell out in no uncertain terms the reality of the modern world for men, including:

  • judges will usually play the now truly outdated role of chivalrous knight to the tearful damsel, regardless of the facts of the case, awarding sole custody of children as well as much of the assets while allowing women to use the children as bargaining chips, trading cash for access, and rarely punish women who “play the system” denying their exes the agreed access on the flimsiest of excuses;
  • some women will mate with a series of men, having a baby with each and then obtain child support from each;
  • some women will experience “buyer’s regret” after a sexual fling, and then seek to hold responsible or punish the man for the encounter, making false accusations of rape or assault;
  • some women will deliberately trick a man into conceiving a baby and then being on the hook for 18 years of child support, using means ranging from the simple deception of lying about birth control to the extreme of poking holes in condoms;
  • some women will claim “sexual harassment” as a means to punish a man who makes the mistake of commenting on their low cut tops or skin-tight clothing or who declines their advances.

Faced with these risks, and others he details, Hendrick offer some very practical advice to men who are in the dating zone, including:

  • do a background check on any woman before allowing her access to your home;
  • make sure to document her good mood after a sexual encounter with witnesses and even making use of surveillance cameras in coffee shops;
  • do not get married or even co-habitate before age 25, to give yourself time to get your career and life plan a chance to be properly established and ensure that you get a signed agreement before entering into any shared living arrangement;
  • ensure that you, the man, are responsible for birth control because if you are not, you could end up responsible for paying child support for 18 years for a child you possibly will not be able to even see if the mother decides to take that approach.

These are just a few of the many solid pieces of advice the book contains, in simple and easy to understand language.

There is no sugar-coating in this book, and also no vindictiveness or retribution, which makes it an essential addition to any man’s library.

How to Avoid “Getting Screwed” When Getting Laid
A 21st Century Survival Guide for the Modern Male
RK Hendrick, Esq.
Willamette Publishing Group, Dec 2009 296 pages
ISBN 978-0-615-32747-1

Download a free chapter of the book here: How to Avoid Getting Screwed When Getting Laid.


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