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No Longer the Slave of Ambition…

A New Year’s Resolution Guide for 2015? (c) 2014, Davd Men, it does you more harm than good to look for a good job, work very hard, and make a lot of money, if you don’t get to enjoy both … Continue reading

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The “Christmas” Holiday:

… some Explanations for a Secular Website, and perhaps even a chance to help other men and enjoy it, (c) 2014, Davd As a serious Christian1, i look at “the Christmas season” somewhat wryly  and even sadly. There is so … Continue reading

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Lazy Man’s Pickles: Easy, Tasty way to Diversify Your Snacking: (c) 2014, Davd During the “Holiday Season”, at parties and even early in the sequence of fancy dinners, you’ll probably see lots of pickles. Personally, I generally like dills best; but bread-and-butter … Continue reading

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The Shameless Prudes:

… a wry but true name for a social action network whose time is long overdue: (c) 2014, Davd When a teen-aged girl comes to church wearing a mini-skirt, and panty-hose of a colour i remember as approximately what highway … Continue reading

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