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A “Gender Neutral” Word for Our Less Worthy Opponents

-Davd I’m starting to use the word “Twinkie” rather than “mangina” or “girlie-man” or even “eunuch”. It referred to mid-20th Century junk food, back when i was a boy stuck with watching some of my little sister’s favourite TV shows, … Continue reading

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Patriarchy …

a reflection for comment and development (c) 2012, Davd Maybe patriarchy isn’t so bad after all—maybe, in fact, it is good in context, and maybe some of those Feminists who condemn it so viciously and see it where it is … Continue reading

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A Good Man …

(c) 2012, Davd   You need only a penis and a testicle or two, to call yourself a man … but it takes much more to be one.   Paul Elam, in reaction to a website called “the Good Man … Continue reading

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