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Chicken Cacciatore

(Pollo alla Cacciatora, Poulet Chasseur): My Favourite Low-Cost Technique from Last Winter and even better with fresh tomatoes (c) 2014, Davd Winter clothes unpacked yet? Shorts and swimwear boxed up and put in the attic? (If you put a few … Continue reading

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Quick Pickled Mackerel:

Tasty, Fairly Easy, and Keeps Well{!}: (c) 2014, Davd This recipe will be of most interest to readers who live near the sea. It’s tough enough to buy any fresh saltwater fish in say, Winnipeg or Kansas City—but mackerel? They … Continue reading

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Divorce Insurance

An Instructive Concept: Does it Exist? Should it? draft(c) 2014, Davd Before registering your car, in this province of Canada and in many provinces (of Canada, France, .. and “states” of e.g. Australia and the USA), you must get liability … Continue reading

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