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Report from Law Commission

Domestic Violence Hypocrisy

More than 40% of domestic violence victims are male
The definitive directory of Canadian Men’s Rights, Second Spouse, Grandparent and Childrens’ Rights Groups and related Issues, maintained by F.A.C.T., organized by PROVINCE.

Personal Growth and Development
A site providing insights into personal development and emotional well being.

Support Groups

OTTAWA, Ontario, Canada
Ottawa Fathers was established in April 2007 to help fathers and their children in their struggle with the family justice system. Services included a safe house for men, administrative assistance, legal document preparation, peer support, mediation, court support etc.

NANIAMO, British Columbia, Canada
This Nanaimo, British Columbia based Mens Resource Centre  offers assistance through separation and divorce, counselling, research and educational programmes. Website has lots of current and useful content.   The support group meets 1st & 3rd Wednesday of every month from 7:00–9:30PM.

Counselling Services
Paul Parnass (M.S.W. R.S.W.) of Parnass Counselling Services provides email based counselling to clients, with responses within 2 days. Paul is based in the Toronto Ontario area.  Fee is $75 per hour.  Paul has 28 years of experience working with men, women, couples and families.  (Ottawa)
Dwight E.A. Thompson, FD, BA, BSW, MSW, RSW

Registered Social Worker,  Teacher & Researcher (Marriage & Family Therapy, Social Work)


Divorce Legal Support

Do it Yourself Divorce Kits, Paralegals, etc.
A paralegal commercial service offering Divorce and separation information for Canadians in most provinces. Sample separation agreement, same day divorce forms preparation.  Basic service is about $200 for the forms and help filing them out.  The site has many useful articles and factual information.  For Ontario divorces, the applicant must now fill out their own forms, due to new legal rules.
This Ontario based paralegal service is intended primarily for separated spouses who wish to obtain a low cost uncontested divorce in Canada on grounds of one year separation. Basic service is about $200.

Fathers Resources International
Fathers Resources International offers a variety of specialized resources and referrals for men and fathers seeking assistance with a Family Law matter in Ontario The site keeps up on important news items affecting fathers.

Dads Canada
This is a non-profit corporation, a group of fathers and non-custodial parents, that are trying to help other fathers, and non-custodial parents, deal with problems involving family court. They operate mainly in the Province of Ontario, however, because of the Divorce Act, they are able to help other parents in other provinces, to a degree.  They are talking about shutting down due to recent regulation of Paralegals in Ontario.

USA Divorce Attorneys

When faced with a legal issue, many people don’t know where to start. Evaluating and choosing a lawyer for your needs and learning about your legal issues can be overwhelming. The service can help. This FREE professional service from LexisNexis® Martindale-Hubbell® is designed specifically to connect people with a legal need to the right attorney.

USA Child Custody Attorneys

Discount Lawyers and Filing Services
This Toronto based lawyer provides discount services, preparing and filing the paperwork for  simple, unconstest Ontario divorces.  Fees are about $800 (legal plus filing). Separation agreements are about $300.  Site has lots of good practical information. This lawyer hosts the site also.




Put together a free four-part ebook series on Dealing with Divorce. It’s a resource to have when starting the divorce process. Each ebook covers a different topic such as the divorce process, children, finances and starting anew.

The entire four-part series can be found here



Collaborative Law
Collaborative Law is a cooperative approach to negotiating and settling the issues arising from family separation outside of court. This site is posted by an incorporated group of family law lawyers in Ottawa Canada, with links to other collaborative lawyer groups in Canada. This site includes some good background info on what collaborative law is, and also example forms and agreements.

Full Service Litigation Lawyers
A father friendly lawyer in Vancouver who supports kids needing both parents equally.  Excellent information on site, covering divorce law, equal parenting issues, etc.


Legal Divorce Info

Divorce Preparation Checklist

5 tips to avoid a long, expensive divorce is a resource for those who want to learn more about Canadian law and procedures. Much of the information on this site was obtained from Government of Canada and Government of Ontario websites.  Excellent site.
California based law firm provides some tools to keep you out of court. Mainly focused on California law.
US Divorce requirements by state – legal information and resources & other issues such as custody, paternity, and child support for use in the USA.  Some coverage of Canada.  Kind of a blog site, with lots of user contributions.
Government of Ontario, Canada — Dealing with Separation & Divorce — legal information
The Federal Department of Justice maintains this site. The top-three-most-visited-sites are Child Support, Family Violence and Parenting After Divorce. This site offers many different types of information. There is a booklet for children which is available on-site and free to all. The booklet explains the terms used regarding divorce and separation, what events may occur as well as resources for parents.
This site includes both Canadian and American lawyers. You can rate your lawyer or access ratings by others. The list is well organized by city. Be sure to read what the scoring means (from 1 to 5, where 5 is great!) before you begin.


Political Lobby Groups and Legislative Reform Groups

Equal Parenting
The American Coalition for Fathers & Children is dedicated to the creation of a f amily law system, legislative system and public awareness which promotes equal rights for ALL parties affected by divorce, and the break up of a family or establishment of paternity.   The site looks highly credible.
The Canadian Equal Parenting Council — in family breakdown everyone should be treated equitably, compassionately and fairly.  The site looks highly credible. Site also is in french.
FACT — Canada’s largest parent’s and children’s rights organization — a comprehensive, informative site offering a wealth of information, literature and guidelines, dealing with psychological aspects plus legal and judicial processes.  Very credible site.

Fathers 4 Justice has been a nonviolent direct action organization since 2002 and has had a major impact on the treatment of fathers and children in family courts.  This group often does publicity stunts to get attention.
(in french — After the Rupture).  A Quebec based french site promoting rights for Men and their Children.  Very credible and informative site, very active.

Courts From Hell
FEELN — Fathers Expect Equality Legislation Now
Website by an aggrieved Canadian father, who wants a presumption of equal parenting after divorce and wants the laws amended accordingly.


Information Focused Advocacy Websites

Legal Reform
Canada’s independent media source dedicated exclusively to news and information related to the Canadian justice system and system of child protection.  Site looks pretty credible.
Although this is a website for women’s advocacy, it contains useful information anyone can use who wishes to be an advocate. It includes lists of government offices, radio stations, tv stations, etc.


Fathers Rights to stay involved with Children
Fathers for Life promotes fathers within, not without families.  Very well presented and credible site with lots of resources.

A USA based site, with a goal to help parents who have lost contact with their children through divorce/ separation or the actions of ‘social services’.  SIte is very chaotic but it appears active.
Based in Alberta Canada, MESA  (Mens Educational Support Association) has the objective to help families, fathers, and children caught in the turmoil of domestic crisis.

The Equitable Child Maintenance and Access Society (E.C.M.A.S.) .
This fatherhood organization is one of Canada’s largest fathers and children’s rights groups with over 1,700 members. There are chapters in Lethbridge, Calgary and Edmonton, Alberta.
This site offers help and advice for separated fathers. It contains over 40 articles, all written by a team of experts. Ten new articles are added each month. You can also register for their monthly newsletter which will keep you up to date regarding what has been added to the site plus additional news of interest.
Step Family Foundation of Alberta, a ‘source for cutting edge information and services for families.’

Child Support
‘Support?’ is a movie that explores the fundamental flaws in America’s Family Courts covering the Divorce and Child Support System. Told through over 38 interviews with both custodial and non-custodial parents, and the attorneys, judges and county employees on both sides of the paradigm.

Sexual Abuse of Boys and Men
Canada & US – Overcoming sexual victimization of boys and men – resource directory, guide for consumers in assessing competency of therapists, resources, bookstore.

Domestic Violence
Washington, DC, USA based site covering the hidden side of domestic violence — help for battered men.  Site has a wide variety of information, articles, and news from all over the world.
USA based “Respecting Accuracy in Domestic Abuse Reporting”. This is an outstanding website focussing on domestic violence as a problem that affects both men and women. They note that laws are based on a false assumption that only women are victims of abuse, resulting in male victims being refused service and their civil rights being violated.

men are victims of domestic violence
Men Are Victims of Domestic Violence. This bibliography examines an overwhelming amount of studies, analyses, etc. demonstrating that women are as physically aggressive, or more aggressive, than men in their relationships with their spouses or male partners.
USA based Stop Abuse for Everyone (SAFE) is a human rights organization that provides service, publications and training to serve those who typically fall between the cracks of domestic violence services: straight men, gay and lesbians, teens and the elderly. They promote services for all victims and accountability for perpetrators.


Media Sexism
Warns about male-bashing movies, spotlights movies and plays of special interest to men and rates entertainment value.  A fun and useful site, updated, and lively.


Positive Parenting as a Single Dad
A  website for single dads.  Positive and upbeat focus on the wonderful side of being a dad.  Gives dads hundreds of awesome ideas and projects for making amazing things with their kids.  Tips for parenting kids, cooking ideas, handling dual households where kids swap and so on.


Fathers for Life
An up to date collection of material written on any aspect of fatherlessness. There are articles listing current statistics of children of divorce and seperation and much more.The Fathers for Life organization believes that children need both parents and once you are a parent you are one for life.


Cultural Issues

Gender Relations
The Context Institute, a non-profit research organization has been exploring & clarifying just what is involved in human sustainable culture. You will find here articles by Herb Goldberg, Ph.D. about male and female growth and relatonships.
Dr. Warren Farrell has been studying gender issues since the 60’s. He began with women’s issues, then moved to represent the men’s perspective. More recently he wrote about gender communication and how children of divorce can be raised successfully. Dr. Farrell has appeared on TV, had his books translated into many languages and earned recognition as an outstanding educator.
A huge list of links that address gender issues, mens movement issues, fathers rights, as well as feminist sites, etc etc.

Empowering Men
USA based author Glen Sacks is a men’s and father’s issues columnist, commentator and talk show host. He has 50,000 subscribers to his weekly E-newsletter. He also hosts which is a nationally syndicated men’s and father‘s issues radio talk show airing on Sunday evenings.
The Mankind Project, home of the New Warrior Training Adventure, is an order of men called to reclaim the sacred masculine of our time through initiation, training, and action in the world. This site has a commercial flavour.
Anything you could ever think of for men is on this 300 page website. It features weekly and monthly columns by well known authors plus many other resources. Very active and organized.  This is a recommended site.
A USA based news site for men which includes articles by well known mens’ authors Glen Sacks, Dr. Stephen Baskerville, as well as current mainline news, updated daily. Very active site.
A site dedicated to providing resources for men looking to be authentic and whole in this confusing modern world.

Other links
A very good list of international links.  Boston based.

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