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Sexual Orientations:

(Are there six?—or only five?) (c) 2012, Davd Some time during my sixties, my sexuality became a vanishingly small part of my life activity both physical and mental, and while i am still male both anatomically and physiologically, my “sexual … Continue reading

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Promoting Islam by extending Feminist privilege:

An American Paradox? (c) 2012, Davd This post began as a response to an “Outraged Anglican-American Feminist”; and if the Webmaster deems it appropriate and valuable, some of my most general responses to her outrage will appear after the end of … Continue reading

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Epidemiology, Evolution, and “Unsafe Sex”

  Some prudent reasons why today’s men shouldn’t do what many late-Sixties men did (c) 2012, Davd I’ve written several blogs this year in support of modesty and prudence. Many of you have probably noticed that these themes conflict with … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving Reflection

  (c) 2012, Davd As i drove past Mac’s Farm, i saw the sign, leaning against a big round hay bale, “Give Thanks.” Totally conventional in the week running-up to Thanksgiving Day, but somehow, it didn’t seem to me like … Continue reading

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Wouldn’t Respecting the Unborn Improve the Status of Women?

(c) 2012, Davd Feminists complained loudly and C.B.C. reported their complaints as normal reasonable reaction, when MP Rona Ambrose, Minister responsible for the “Status of Women” portfolio, voted in favour of a private member’s bill to form a committee to … Continue reading

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