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Johnny-Canuck Pot Roast

..Something good, reliable, hearty, economical, even fairly quick: (c) 2015, Davd Readers in this year 2015 don’t need me to tell you that beef is outrageously expensive compared to pork or poultry. What beef i buy is chosen substantially based … Continue reading

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The Stink Bomb

.. an Old Man’s Reflection on Civil Disobedience: (c) 2015, Davd Though i never experienced one myself, i remember them well, announced over school Public Address speakers and local radio stations back in the middle of the 20th Century; and … Continue reading

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Misandry for Profit:

The “Jackass Formula” in Television Programming (c) 2011, 2015, Davd* There’s a powerful, subtle irony when Feminists attack capitalism. Capitalist funding [and through funding, substantial control] of television, was one of the first major supporters of feminism and female supremacism, … Continue reading

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