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The Apex Fallacy

The Apex Fallacy: ..Sketching and Understanding the Distortion (c) 2015, Davd Here’s an exercise to help us understand how Feminists (some of them male!) can seriously believe men are privileged when we plainly are disadvantaged, why so many girls (and … Continue reading

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Last Statement by Tom Ball

U. S. Army veteran Tom Ball was first abused by the “family” court system and bureaucracy, then studied its aggregate operations, compared them with the U. S. and State Constitutions, and was so appalled by the effects of “Feminist jurisprudence” … Continue reading

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Book Review: The Revolt of the Primitive

The Revolt of the Primitive: An Inquiry into the Roots of Political Correctness by Howard S. Schwartz. Praeger Publishers. Westport, CT, 2001. 234 pages, hardcover, ISBN 0-275-96577-5 Review by David Shackleton I have been waiting for this book.  (Actually, I … Continue reading

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NO MORE MR. NICE GUY By Dr. Robert Glover A few days ago a guy in one of my weekly men’s therapy groups posed the question, “I wonder what marriage would be like if we men made the rules?” We … Continue reading

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Why Men Earn More: The Startling Truth Behind the Pay Gap–and What Women Can Do About It

– with permission, a message from Warren Farrell, Ph.D. author of: Why Men Earn More Father & Child Reunion Women Can’t Hear What Men Don’t Say The Myth of Male Power Why Men Are the Way They Are The Liberated … Continue reading

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Book reviews

Hold onto your N.U.T.S. by Wayne M. Levine Review by Eric Dormer, 08-Apr-05. This 210 book is a quick 2 hour read. Its subtitle is “The Relationship Manual for Men”. It is targeted at men who feel emasculated in their … Continue reading

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Everyman, redux

Everyman is moving to a blog format. Old content will be added in on a gradual basis. If you want to help migrate content, contact the administrator and you will be granted contributor status.

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