Movember Masturbation Message:

..Not Only Won’t It Make You Go Blind—It Might Lower Your Risk Of Cancer:
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This is not a joke; it is serious medical advice which i and at least one friend, have received from physicians: If you do not regularly have sexual intercourse to ejaculation, masturbation can give your prostate valuable exercise and lower your risk of prostate cancer.

The older you are, the more likely masturbation will help you—not because younger men have less need of prostate exercise, but because younger men are more likely to get that exercise via intercourse. If you are young and not “sexually active”, then masturbation might be especially valuable to you; because when men get prostate cancer in old age, it usually develops slowly enough that something else kills them before prostate cancer.* Men who get prostate cancer in youth or middle age are more likely to die from it.

During the past several years, i’ve read at least twice, statements that breastfeeding infants lowers a woman’s risk of breast cancer. Mammary tissues function to make milk, and giving them the exercise of making milk which is then sucked out by infants, reduces the risk that they will “go cancerous.”

Breast cancer isn’t our worry; prostate cancer, is. Prostate tissues function to make semen, the fluid that supports and transports sperm. If making and delivering milk protects breast tissues from cancer [not absolutely but significantly] there’s a fairly strong analogy to imply that getting your prostate to make and deliver semen, will protect it from cancer [not absolutely but significantly]. If you are married or cohabiting, there’s a good chance that you will have intercourse at least once or twice per week, until about retirement age. If you are not, two well respected physicians have said to two different men, it’s valid health promotion to masturbate enough to produce 1-2 ejaculations per week.

“Movember” stands for growing moustaches to raise prostate cancer awareness. I have a moustache—and full beard—all year ’round. I encourage men who read this and don’t usually have a moustache, to grow one; and i encourage those of you who do not already ejaculate at least once a week, also to talk with your G.P.** about prostate activity. My guess is that most who ask, will be told that one or two ejaculations per week, are better for prostate health than none.

What this blog won’t include is how-to. I’m convinced that when i write about how to cook salsa picante and chicken cacciatore, or cut up a cabbage to serve as three good winter vegetables, each technique will “do a good job”. Some readers might want to use less oregano or chili powder than i do, some other readers might want to use more; but the techniques produce good results. With masturbation, a technique that works for Alan might not work for Bill, one that works for Alan and Bill might not work for Charlie and Doug, etc. My technique for making salsa picante will work for anyone who can perform it. So while i’d encourage other men who are more expert about masturbation than i am, to hold Movember masturbation workshops, and might show up in solidarity if there’s one locally, i will not teach the subject. (You could say that, though in the interests of prostate health, i am a masturbator, i am not a master masturbator. In the cases of cooking and gardening, i might accept that kind of compliment …)

Usually i tend to agree with that American maxim, anything worth doing is worth doing well. When i cook, i want to cook well; when i garden, i want to garden well; when i write, i want to write well. I’m not very skilled at car mechanics, so i pay someone else who is. But face it, guys—paying someone else to masturbate for you, isn’t an option. What i need, according to those physicians, is one or two ejaculations per week. For a combination of “religious reasons” and most women my age being less than eye-stopping attractive, i don’t expect to replace masturbation with intercourse any time soon—probably not at all. So, mediocre masturbation is worth while for health reasons, and becoming a master masturbator doesn’t seem worth the effort if once or twice a week is often enough. (Cooking once or twice a week, where i live, would mean not eating nearly often enough.)

We men can be glad of two things at least: Masturbation doesn’t lead to overpopulation, nor to an 18-25 year responsibility for what starts out as a baby. To exercise her mammary functions, a woman has to give birth; and having borne and breastfed a baby, she has become responsible for a child. Children, in my opinion, are charming, lovable, and well worth having and rearing; but the human population of the Earth is already too large, and motherhood is too much for some women. Rare is the man for whom masturbation is “too much.” Indeed, masturbation might be the prudent, wise alternative for men who consider the risks of misandric divorce laws, and of STDs, perhaps even of false accusations.

If you haven’t been giving your prostate enough exercise lately, Movember means more than just not shaving your upper lip.


* So i heard from a physician (which i am not). I don’t know how valuable prostate exercise is for adolescent boys; but scbool health and Phys Ed teachers ought to. If they don’t know now, they should find out: Prostate health is important and as of what we know this year, masturbation is the main thing for sexually inactive grown-men to do about it.

Looks like boys should not be ashamed of masturbating!

** General Practitioner, often called “family doctor.” There are millions of ‘doctors’ who are not medical practitioners, among whom Albert Einstein, Billy Graham, and David Suzuki are famous examples, and i am a not-so-famous example: Our doctorates (and those of most professors and researchers) are not in the field of medicine.

If you don’t have a physician you go to regularly, contact your local Men’s Centre, Men’s Rights group, etc.

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