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Davd (PhD, 1966) has been a professor, a single father keeping a small commercial herb garden so as to have flexible time for his sons, and editor of _Ecoforestry_. He is a practicing Christian, and in particular an advocate of ecoforestry, self-sufficiency horticulture, and men of all faiths living together "in peace and brotherhood" for the fellowship, the efficiency, and the goodwill that sharing work so often brings.

The Neglected Merits of Fraternal Households

…Social Efficiency is Not Trivial (c) 2017, Davd Three of the best weeks of my life were spent in a small cloistered Benedictine Abbey in rural Saskatchewan. There were a few unoccupied “cells” in the “Enclosure”, and i was housed … Continue reading

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How Not to Celebrate Father’s Day!

… It’s not Fatter’s Day (c) 2017, Davd Somebody from whom i would have expected better, and who i will not “out” by naming, made up a circular advertising a Father’s Day Hot Dog Eating Contest, and somehow a copy … Continue reading

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Sauce for the Gander is Sauce for the Goose,

… and So is its Absence. (c) 2017, Davd Yes, I do believe, there is a problem, a moral wrong, one of the Evils of the World, embodied in the fact that women’s shelters are common and men’s refuges are … Continue reading

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The Tax Woman

…to be More Accurate About it (c) 2017, Davd Over and over, in the April financial advice and reports, we read about “the taxman”. In a recent post on the CBC Website, the phrasing was “annual date with the tax … Continue reading

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Taking Off the Harness

… The injustice men feel is leading to lower motivation, and maybe that’s good. (c) 2017, Davd As i published Men’s Lives Neglected, i noticed that that a remark about society suffering for the injustice men feel, could be taken … Continue reading

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Home Care and Feminist Economics

… a Reflection for International Women’s Day (c) 2017, Davd CBC News reports today with some sympathy, demands that U.S. women refuse to work today, for pay or at home. “We are the backbone, the lifeblood of what makes our … Continue reading

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The Usual Breakfast

… in recent years of my life1 (c) 2017, Davd Make breakfast the best meal of the day, is advice i have read and heard from several sources that seem to me to be nutritionally “savvy”. I do not always … Continue reading

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Winter Frying-Pan Steak

…with celery-onion sauce and pasta: (c) 2017, Davd In Canada, the barbecue season is months away in both directions. It’s a good time for another way to enjoy the occasional steak, one that you can cook up when it’s raining … Continue reading

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Life is Cheap in 2017:

… Ecological Scarcity and Human Worth (c) 2017, Davd When i was a small boy, 60 years ago and earlier, my Mother used to say, “Life is cheap in Asia.” Exactly what she meant, i will not know in this … Continue reading

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Men’s Lives Neglected

… relatively by charities and especially by Government? (c) 2016, Davd This is not the first time I’ve written on the importance of men—regular men of average and higher ability and willingness to contribute. It ought not be the last; … Continue reading

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